Long Days, No Dreams

Available April 14, 2017


This is a Pre-Order. Album will be released on 4/14/17. Cassettes will be shipped on or about 4/14/17. Full Track Listing Available for Streaming on 4/14/17. Stream “Cold Stare” on The Line of Best Fit, here.

  1. Fly South Or Stay Here
  2. Cold Stare
  3. I Want to Feel Everything
  4. Make Her No One
  5. Let Me Be
  6. The Late Night Show
  7. No Time For Time
  8. Long Days, No Dreams
  9. I’m Scared I’ll Disappear

Album :

Long Days, No Dreams

Release Date :

April 14, 2017

Album Description:

“Long Days, No Dreams” is the debut¬†full length record from the thoughtful and indispensable dance-pop duo, Water From Your Eyes. “Long Days, No Dreams” is available for purchase on high quality chromium dioxide cassette tape from Sooper Records. All artwork professionally printed, scored, and cut.

Edition of 100.

Check out the premiere of “Cold Stare” on Line of Best Fit, here.

Production Credits:

Water from your Eyes is Nate Amos and Rachel Brown. All vocals performed by Rachel. All Instruments performed by Nate. Lyrics by Nate and Rachel. Music for track 1 written by Nate and Rachel. Music for tracks 2-9 written by Nate.

Cover drawing by Alex Lukawski. Cover concept / design by Rachel.

Recorded and mixed by Nate at Grandpa Bay, Pallet Sound, and Stark Brook Productions. Drums recorded by Nate and Joe Drzemiecki.


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