Whiskey Wise: Or Better Ways to Soothe Your Soul

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Artist :

Whiskey Wise

Album :

Whiskey Wise: Or Better Ways to Soothe Your Soul

Release Date :

December 06, 2016

Album Description:

“Whiskey Wise: Or Other Ways to Soothe Your Soul” is available for purchase on cassette tape through Sooper Records. Cassette is made with high-performance chromium dioxide tape. Artwork is professionally printed, scored, and cut. Purchase of cassette includes immediate digital download and download card. Limited edition of 100.

Production Credits:

All songs by Whiskey Wise 2015 – 2016
Recorded Live at Minbal Studios by Seth Engel

Additional overdubs at Red Pole studios by Whiskey Wise

Patrick Mitchell – Vocals, Guitars, Accordion
Matt Mitchell – Guitar
Joe Valente – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Brendan Smyth – Vocals, Drums
Kyle Lang – Bass
Glenn Curran – Bass



Mixed at Red Pole Studios by Patrick Mitchell

Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Greg Obis

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